Company Profile
The Company
Established in 1987, ESPA-FIL IMPORT & EXPORT CORP. was conceived and organized to introduce and make available to Filipinos the best of Spanish and other European's food products, mostly from Spain-processed fruits and vegetables; spices, herbs and condiments, wines liquors, and fruit juices; olives, olive oil and vinegar, etc. The company envisioned to
rekindle the Filipino interests for centuries old tradition of preparing Spanish foods which Filipinos of earlier generations loved.

ESPA-FIL IMPORT & EXPORT CORP. was incorporated on September 16, 1987 and started business operations in the bustling commercial district of Sta. Cruz in Manila, at the busy corner of Blumentritt and Cavite Streets. In 1993 the company moved to its present office and warehouse locations, at #5 and #513 Cordillera St., Mandaluyong City to accommodate its expanding business.

ESPA-FIL has grown from a 3-person organization to over 50 employees.

Corporate Objectives and Commitments
  • ESPA-FIL is committed to help accelerate the pace of the nation's progress through increased economic activity.
  • ESPA-FIL aims to build its corporate integrity by gaining reputation for reliable supply of high quality food products.
  • ESPA-FIL aims to be a profitable, growing and expanding company in terms of assets and equity to meet the "ESPA-FIL COMMITMENT" to our nation's progress and to provide comfortable income to its employees who make up the company.
Brief History
On September 16, 1987, Espa-Fil Import Export Corporation was transformed from concept to reality. The company started
its vision with a 3-man team and a humble beginning at a tiny office on the corner of Blumentritt and Cavite Sts., situated in the middle of the bustling commercial district of Sta. Cruz, Manila.

Time and growth initially passed at a snail's pace but thanks to the company's steady method of achieving things in a carefully
paced yet effective manner, Espa-Fil soon outgrew its home in Sta. Cruz after 6 years and thus transferred to its current location
at #5 Cordillera St., Mandaluyong City.

Patience, determination and vision fueled the ever-increasing momentum of Espa-Fil. With the workforce expanding from 3 to more than 50, Espa-Fil currently has 3 warehouses to accommodate its stockpile of around 300 different items. Primarily importing only
Spanish food products, Espa-Fil has, through the years, developed a wider array of products. Although Spain is still the dominant supplier, some products now come from other European countries such as Italy and France.

The first products Espa-Fil supplied the market with were canned fruits and vegetables. After they were welcomed with
astounding results, Espa-Fil started bringing in wine from the various regions of Spain. Olive oil, vinegar and olives, products that Spain is also well known for, became a hit in the Philippines as well. With years of experience amassed in the Philippine market,
Espa-Fil eventually ventured into non-food items to continue feeding the market's demand for more products. Now, the essential products of keeping a clean house are part of Espa-Fil's list as well.

Despite the ever-persistent crisis affecting Asia, Espa-Fil has managed to stay afloat and continue growing by constantly adapting
its strategies to accommodate the difficulties the crisis brings and will continue to bring in the years to come. The future is never certain and it will forever have its risks but one can only discover new oceans when one learns to lose sight of the shore. Espa-Fil proudly affirms this with its logo, its sails raised high and filled with the wind that started blowing as a gentle breeze
one September day in 1987.